Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve... One Last Hoo Rah

End of the month check in, and I'm kind of in shock.

(Forgive the formatting, I usually do this on my lunch hour at work and I'm home on my Mac right now. I'm not quite as good in Numbers as I am in Excel)

Savings 1
Savings 2
Savings 3

Car Loan
Credit Card

Net Worth

It was a good month for money, as I got 3 pay checks in December, but this was surprising. I managed to finish up the Christmas season with less debt than I started December with, and made some headway in all categories. My net worth, not including my house, improved by almost $3000. That's way more than one pay check's worth. I'm very happy about that! The chequing account will drop shortly when my mortgage payment and vehicle insurance come out, but even so I'm very happy with the progress.

The other nice thing about thing about the progress on here is that it doesn't take into account of money that's outside of my accounts. Earlier in December I bought $200 worth of grocery store gift cards to be used in the upcoming months, and recently I took a bit of money out to start my budget envelopes. That money isn't accounted for up above. Additionally, many of you probably read Trent's post over at the Simple Dollar about cleaning and restocking a pantry:

It was something I hadn't done in quite a while, and after looking at my cupboards I realized it was badly needed. Over the last 2 days I've gone to various grocers (2 ethnic grocers and my usual), restocking the things I'll need to make meals over the next few months. It's so nice having a stocked kitchen again!

After a couple very stressful months when it comes to my finances, this feels like a happy end to the year. I have a warm home, full cupboards, and a couple dollars in my pocket to look after my needs. What a great way to ring in the new year. Have a great end to 2010 every one! I look forward to spending 2011 with you all!



FB @ said...

Those 3 paycheck months were some of the happiest months when I was getting out of debt. *reminisces*

I used to wake up, in actual anticipation and check my bank account so I could allocate the money in 5 minutes to where it needed to go. LOL

Cassie said...

Lol, yep. It will be nice when I'm done doing it, haha. I'll still do the 5 minutes online to pay the utilities, but it will be nice keeping more of my money in my account.