About Me

Similar to my blog, I'm a bit of a hodgepodge in human form. I graduated high school wanting an arts degree, went to Denmark as an exchange student, came back wanting to be a Dietician, graduated years later with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and went to work in heavy civil construction. My brain works pretty much the same way. Any given moment I could be thinking about: money, housing, fashion, technology, cooking, art, gardening, investing, men, travelling, the future, the economy, volunteering, or anything else a professional woman in her 20's might think about... Except politics. I hate politics.

I'm navigating the world of personal finance, taking in every twist, turn and bump along the way; digging my way out of the equivalent of a financial sink hole, and building up to bigger and better things.

I'm Cassie, and I'm Digging Out and Up.