Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mmmmm Payday

I'm happy that since starting my cash only year I've been much less concerned about when payday actually occurs. While some of my envelopes tend to run out rather quickly (I'm looking at you Food and Entertainment), its soothing to know that I have cash sitting in the other envelopes for when I need something. It also feels like the 2 weeks between paydays go by much faster now. Rather than sitting impatiently waiting for the money to come in again (MUST SPEND MONEY! RAWR!!!), I'm a little more content. Scratch that, a lot more content.

That doesn't mean the internal shopping beast doesn't occasionally try to manifest itself, it's just that I'm getting a little better at beating it into submission.

Along with the lower spending comes higher debt payments :) I love dumping a decent size chunk of change onto the totals. I feel like I'm sticking it to the credit card companies every time I do it (not nice, no, but if it's keeping me going...). I've also gotten better at writing my spending down in my day planner! So far I'm up to date with my February mini goal. I'm not blogging the result of that weekly, though I plan to do it all in a more visual form at the end of the month. I know you like the visuals FB ;)

I'm also a little excited about this payday, because I have a new way to track my money now :) One of my friends read that I have problems writing things down, so we met for coffee and she showed me how she tracks hers. She also gave me one of her little note pads, which was/is SO appreciated (Thanks M!), and I plan to start using it today as soon as I take my cash out for the next 2 weeks :)

On a side note, apparently Tim Horton's is trying to rebrand some of their products again. Their danishes and croissants are now European Style danishes, and European Style croissants. Really? Last I checked they haven't changed at all. Yay marketing?

Anyway, that's it for today. I hope you're all doing great ;)


The Asian Pear said...

Actually... The European croissants thing happened over a year ago. o__o? At least in Ontario. I did notice a change immediately though. There's a very small change in the recipe. I don't like it. The old recipe was flakier... More buttery-er. The new one's more... Crusty.

PS-Leave it to me to comment on the food part of a PayDay post. XD

Cassie said...

Really? I wonder if it happened gradually throughout the country, or if I've been completely unobservant due to my Starbucks addiction. The danish pastry exploded on me :( but I enjoyed the added chocolate :)

No worries. I tend to zero in on the food parts too, even if I don't comment on them ;)

FB @ said...

OOO visuals :D

I love photos and pretty graphs.

Also.. yes. what is up with calling it "European"?

Did the price go up as a result?

Cassie said...

You know, I honestly don't know if they did or not. I didn't notice a huge jump if there was one.