Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Pain in the Gas

I've never been so happy to own a fuel sipping vehicle than I do right now looking at gas prices.

I'm even happier that, cold weather be damned, I started adjusting myself to using public transit months ago.

Apparently gas prices in Edmonton averaged $1.018/L as of February 22nd this year, which was the lowest out of 19 cities surveyed. The highest city surveyed was Vancouver, at $1.2430/L on average (my heart goes out to you guys). The country as a whole came in around $1.151/L

For you guys in the US, those I believe those prices translate to $3.853/gal, $4.705/gal and $4.357/gal respectively.

I know the prices are going up as a result of what's going on in the middle east, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't see it as a purely supply vs. demand issue causing this.

Conflict goes up - Prices go up

Conflict goes down -  Prices.... yeah.... about that....

I kind of wish it would warm up already so I could try riding my bike to work. 18km in little over an hour? That's doable. Just means I have to wake up early. That part may be a little less doable.

The guy I'm seeing drives a larger truck; it cost him about $90 a tank last week to fill his truck, and he goes through SEVERAL tanks a month. I try to keep mine under $20 every 2 weeks. Now that I remember what it costs to feed a truck, the recent price hikes mean a little more to me. Before, not so much.

I don't foresee the price of gas breaking us up, but the 40km between our respective homes sucks a little more now.

Have you guys noticed the price of fuel impacting your budgets lately? How are you dealing with it?


Anonymous said...

I did a double when I saw gas prices hit $1.20/L in Toronto on Friday. I just gave my parents' back their vehicle which they had graciously lent to me for use last year.

Right now I commute via public transit, and it's pretty good.

Daisy said...

This raises my gas budget by volumes. Since I'm in vancouver, I used to spend around $40-$45/week on gas. Ths week, I filled up & it turned out to be $50.
I'm lucky, too, cause' i live near a gas station that sells gas at a $0.10 discount.
I wish I could take transit!

Anonymous said...

We are paying 3.29 a gallon as of today in philadelphia. Plus I drive a minivan, so we are definitly going to have to adjust our gas budget, and our driving habits.


Cassie said...

Jeez, I can imagine. I realize that at $1.06 we're pretty spoiled here, but wow does it not feel like it. What is the cost of transit in Toronto FabulouslyFrugirl?

I used to be able to fill my tank from empty for about $30, now it's around $40. Which station is it that gives you a 10 cent discount Daisy?

I wouldn't want to be feeding a minivan right now Judy. Hopefully you can figure something out that will help bring your costs down.

target10mil said...

No real change for me yet. I have ~25 mile round trip to work and back. Thankfully my car gets around 30 miles / gal.

But if it keeps getting higher, I might consider car pooling w/ my wife (she works about 1 mile from me). Car pooling seems like a no-brainer, but she works a different schedule from me so that has made it difficult. Would require sacrifice from both of us to car pool.

Worst case, I might try out public transit - but that depends on how much longer it is round trip than driving. My free time is very valuable to me.