Saturday, April 2, 2011

*and away...*

Okay, now for this month's slip ups.

I don't know how it is you girls (and guys) out there manage your all out shopping bans without slipping up at all. You have willpower of steel. I apparently have the willpower of a wifflebat.
On the upside however, even though there were a lot of red days last month, the spending itself was kept pretty low. Less than $100 for the entire month. This is the smallest total to date :)
Okay, as I mentioned a few days ago I was working outside for about a week this month. All things considered, it was reasonably nice out. It was about -8 out, perfectly acceptable March weather. Unfortunately, it was also a little windy, which makes things worse. I didn't have direct access to sunshine, and the landscape was shaped in such a way that the wind funneled itself to where we were working. Basically build a wind tunnel and put it inside a deep freezer, that's where I was working. I made it all of half an hour the first morning before I was shaking uncontrollably. Knowing that I'd be there the rest of the week, I went down to Mark's Workwear World and bought myself a big bag of those chemical warmers that you can stuff in your gloves, an insulated boot sole liner which I had to cut down to size (they don't make full liners or insulated rubber work boots in my size), a neck warmer, and a pair of fleece lined work gloves. I've worked in colder temperatures before, but I have never been as cold at work as I was that day.
Credit Card Damage: $46.71
The next day, rather than bringing cash from home, I put a hot lunch on my credit card. I've really got no excuses for this, I used it because it was convenient.
Credit Card Damage: $9.61

Back at Mark's Workwear World again. I had run out of those chemical warmers and needed some more to finish the job off. Again, I didn't have any cash on me.
Credit Card Damage: $7.52

My recurring habit that I know how to fix and just haven't. iTunes. This is sheer laziness. I bet if I took my credit card number off the site this one wouldn't happen anymore.
Credit Card Damage: $11.31

And finally, the last one to top off my month (which literally was the last day of the month) was lunch. As I mentioned yesterday, I haven't been brining my lunch to work. As such, I've pretty much run through my desk lunch supplies. My body has had it up to HERE with scones, bagels and other processed baked goods; my skin is beginning to show it; and I just don't feel good. Not cool. I had $3 in my coin purse, which would pretty much only get me those baked goods. So, I picked up lunch and put it on my debit card. So ticked off that it happened on the last day of the month.
Debit Card Damage: $11.50
That beings me to a grand total of  $86.65 worth of non-cash spending. It's better than February and March, but there is still lots of room for improvement.
On another positive note, I managed to write down all of my spending for the month of March as well :) I'm going to keep this up for now on, it's been very helpful.


Daisy said...

I laughed out loud about your wifflebat comment.
Also, that sounds like torture to me! Haha, I hate marks. I used to work in construction and every time I needed work clothes they had very little for women. They actually had nurses scrubs in their womens section! How insulting.
Anyway, thats my 2cents. haha!

fabulouslyfrugirl said...

Wait til you hear about my shopping ban recap. I didn't break any rules, but it was a sorta-fail.

I, too, have the will power of a wifflebat! But, these wifflebats will keep trudging onwards, right?! :)

Cassie said...

@Daisy - I hear you on the women's work clothing! The difference in quality is appalling. You can't find a decent jacket or fleece that either a) doesn't fit at all, or b) doesn't look like it will stand up to the work conditions or wear. I tried on the Carhart women's line a couple years ago and was absolutely disgusted by the lack of thought they had put into it.

They actually have nursing scrubs in our Mark's too.

@fabulously frugirl - Indeed, this wifflebat will keep trudging onwards with you :)