Tuesday, March 1, 2011


And now, for last month's slips. Needless to say, it was a little rough for me this month, especially around the middle. I'm not going to beat around this one, I slipped into an old, very bad, habit this month. I used shopping to beat stress.

I seriously deserve a beat down for this one.

After what was the hardest day I've had at work in well over a year, I went shopping. I didn't use cash. I did set myself a limit, I wasn't allowed to spend any more than 50% of my extra payments this month. That way by the end of the month I was still digging myself out, it was just slower than anticipated. Still, it's a habit I need to break.

After reading on Hi That's My Bike that the jeans I had been after were on sale at Anthropologie, I trotted down there and picked a pair up. Originally almost $220, they were marked down to $80.  While I was there I noticed the sweater I had been fawning over the weeks leading up to Christmas was marked down to $40 from $120, so I picked up the last one in my size as well. Tack on a couple small gifts for people, and a tube of mascara to replace mine (it was time), and I was done. Part of what limited the shopping (other than the fact that the mall was closing), wasn't so much the fact that it would mean my debt would take longer to pay off, but the fact that I'd have to write about it on here. Let's face it, admitting to this stuff is embarassing. So, thank you all.
Credit Card Damage: $184.64

I love music. I know what I should do here is delete my credit card information off iTunes, go out and buy an iTunes gift card with cash, and then use that. As of yet I haven't done it. Chalk this up to laziness, I'll buy one next time I'm out getting groceries.
Credit Card Damage: $3.57

As many of you probably saw earlier in the month, I signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Unfortunately there was a sizable registration cost associated with signing up for it.

That's right, I paid money to raise money for someone else.

I don't feel too bad about the cost of the registration because they feed us and provide us with a place to sleep that weekend. I'm basically paying for a weekend out now rather than in June. They only took either credit card or cheque for the registration costs, and I didn't have any cheques on me, so it ended up going on my credit card. That's the problem with having your card number memorized, its still usable even when it's frozen in a block of ice. My only saving grace on that is that while I have the loooooong number on the front memorized, the short one on the back I don't. That means I usually can't use it online. I put extra money on my card the following payday, but it would have been nice if that money went towards paying the balance down rather than just maintaining it.
Credit Card Damage: $75

That's $263.21 in non-cash spending during the month of February.


That sucks.

Amazingly enough though I didn't use my debit card all month, other than to take money out of the bank machine every payday. I did however write down and track my spending all month, which was one of my other goals for February. I'll post the results of that tomorrow :)


Daisy said...

I don't think you deserve a beat down!!!!
I think that it was just a slip. I also think that sometimes, ya just gotta shop. You work hard for your money - who says you can't enjoy it every once in awhile! Don't get too down on yourself.

Cassie said...

Thanks Daisy

I'm just ticked off because I wanted my big credit card payment to go further than it actually did. That and it completely went against my cash only goal for the year.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I feel the same way about reporting my spending on the blog. The fact that I put everything on the blog has kept me from spending on many, many occasions! :)

By the way, HOW do you all memorize card numbers?! My husband has his account numbers, debit card number, AND security pin on the back of the card memorized. I'm doing good to have my checking account number memorized.

Cassie said...

It really keeps you in line, doesn't it? We may not (all) know each other in person, but we still feel committed to our goals because we know someone else is watching!

Usually I look for patterns or grouping of numbers that are easy to memorize. If you notice a couple, break them out into chunks. Lets say you have to memorize:


You could break that into easier recognizable chunks like:


Or, this will sound silly, you can sing it. My mom had my sister and I memorize her Airmiles number as kids, and she had a particular way of saying the number groupings. To this day I still have hers memorized, but not mine.

Hope that helps :)