Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning Round 1

I've got the Jessica Black song stuck in my head right now (thanks Young and Thrifty) *facepalm*

I'm putting some music on to drown it out.

My boyfriend is out of town this weekend for his friend's/former roommate's bachelor party. I'm a little jealous he gets to spend today on the slopes in Banff, but at the same time it really was for the best. After working last weekend, and severely neglecting my house cleaning for... oh... the last 2 months? My place needed some attention.

I have done some cleaning in the last 2 months, just not the reorganize/good scrub down type of cleaning. Seeing as it is actually spring now, despite the rolling hills of snow outside, I figured now is as good a time as any to start my spring cleaning :) I find the longer daylight hours really help with my motivation. I do suffer from SAD during the winter months, and my motivation is all but shot during that time. Just ask my gym clothes.

3 garbage bags later my place does look cleaner, by a long shot, but I'm looking around at how much stuff I have, wondering "where did this all come from?" The occasional item isn't mine, like a chai tea pot left here by my former roommate (making arrangements to have that returned right now), but 99.99% of the stuff in here is mine. Of that 99.99%, I'd say 95% I paid for. That's a lot of money!

Wow that's a lot of money....

I wish my desire to hoard money was as strong as my desire to acquire things. I binge spending, then I purge the items when they build up too much. It's like I'm bulimic with my possessions.

I have a pile of boxes downstairs that I still need to go through from when I moved in last year. They haven't been entirely unopened, I just need to actually find proper locations for the stuff in them. Either that or purge further.

Garbage bag #4?

I've had the urge to have a garage sale for a while now, I just don't have an actual garage to host it out of. I put a status update on my facebook asking everyone I know on there if they're interested in doing a group garage sale; I figure if someone is going to come to a garage sale we may as well make it worth their while.

Has anyone else noticed that garage and garbage are only one letter away from each other? A little coincidental given what I'm talking about, all things considered.

Ah well. It was a productive afternoon of cleaning. I'm kind of using writing as a reprieve before working on another area. I think I'll finish up the kitchen then go work on a couple basement boxes. I've been enjoying spring cleaning a lot more since getting my own place. Its refreshing.

Dear god, I sound like Martha Stewart.

Oh well. Has anyone else started their spring cleaning yet? Any garage sale plans this year?


The Asian Pear said...

Uh. I think you meant Rebecca Black.

I'm gonna hold a garage sale. Likely in July or August though.

Cassie said...

Lol, yep. I think you're right.

July or August almost seems like a better time of year to do it. I haven't set a date for mine yet, but it will probably be around late May.