Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Would You Do?

I had one of those "That will never happen twice" strokes of luck last night. At least I think I did, because I'm not sure whether or not I should have handled it differently.

I asked The Boy last night if he wanted to do anything, and he said a friend of his wanted to do a casino night at one of the big casinos in town. I'm not one for gambling, and I told The Boy that, but I said I'd tag along and hang out anyway.

We got there, and one of the friends sat down at the roulette table to play. He had a "fool proof strategy" for winning money in roulette. While the method he used does work, albeit slowly, you have to have a LOT of money to back you up. He didn't have enough. It was painful to watch, because he was betting on red, and it came up consistently black again and again.

After leaving the table, The Boy and I decided to go back and see how long it took before the roulette table hit red again. We got there, and the wheel kept turning up black. I looked down and noticed a bunch of money laying on the floor behind the chair where our friend had been sitting, so I picked it up. It was really busy, but I looked around to see if anyone was fiddling with their wallets and could have possibly dropped it. Everyone was facing tables concentrating on their games. It wasn't near any of the dealers, so I didn't think it was house money. I looked at The Boy, and he told me I better put it in my pocket.

We walked over and told the people we were with what happened. They were stunned, but nobody actually claimed the money as theirs.

The Boy and I wandered around while the friends played $5 black jack and nickel slots, then headed out for the night.

Neither The Boy or I placed a single bet at the casino, but I walked out with almost $200 cash in my pocket.

He says he's bringing me to the casino more often.

Some of the money is going towards a girls night out tonight, but the majority of it is currently sitting snugly in my emergency savings account. It was the little kick start that account needed.

However, I have that needling little bit of guilt in the back of my head. I know that holding it up and saying "did anyone drop this?" would get me swamped, but does anyone know if there is a proper protocol for found money in a casino? Just curious.


Louise said...

I'd probably do the same thing you did! :)
enjoy your girls night out

My money, my life said...

tough one. I can understand why you didn't announce the finding to the room full of people, but I can also understand the guilt. Protocol? I'm sure the casino would be more than happy to take it, even though it's probably not their $. You can also spend some of it and donate the rest. If you want, you can actually donate it to the casino, I believe that by law they have to maintain rehabs for gambling addicts.

Kim said...

I think what you did was perfectly fine. You looked around and no one seemed to be looking for it.

Maybe I have the wrong point of view but you found the money at a Casino so whomever lost it intended on spending it. They didn't get the chance to gamble it away but whatever. Same difference.

Cassie said...

@My money, my life - You know, I never even thought about a gambling addiction charity. Good call! I'll keep that one in mind in case I ever come across that kind of money again.

@Louise & Kim - Thank you, I appreciate it. (and the girl's night was fun)

The Asian Pear said...

I think I'd do the same thing. If you announced money in a casino, everyone whould have said it was theirs... >_>

banclothing said...

I remember finding $20 on the floor in university. It was like if I found $200 now. It paid for many coffee's!!!!