Friday, April 29, 2011


I've been spending a lot of time at The Boy's house the last little while, and I can't help but make some observations. When you look at two different people you're probably going to find that they approach things differently, and in our case two of the things we approach differently are grocery shopping, and expiry dates.

While he's probably the most competent bachelor I've ever met, he leans more towards the frozen/canned foods in his shopping. I'm more likely to grab the veggies and make things from scratch. I made him a pot of chicken noodle soup a month ago when he came down with a cold. It was somewhat comical cooking for him, because he was sitting on a kitchen stool watching what I was doing with all the intensity a sick guy could muster. I know his mom cooks from scratch, but by the look on his face you'd think he'd never seen it done before.

Anyway, I went to make a cup of tea yesterday and found out that the milk had gone sour before the expiry date. Not a big deal, just kind of irritating. The milk is still useful, but I know he'll throw it out. He's a firm believer in expiry dates. Bread is past the expiry, but nothing appears to be growing on it? It gets chucked. Grated cheese in the fridge has been open for a while, but nothing appears to be growing on it? Gets chucked out. Milk soured? Chucked.

My jaw dropped the first time I watched him do it.

So this time I figured I'd use it up before he could get around to throwing it out. He has a small assortment of baking supplies, so I figured I'd do up some sort of a cake/square, or some cheese muffins while he's at work. 2 birds with one stone! yes!

The only problem is that every recipe I could find required a) eggs b) shortening or c) butter.

The Boy is overdue for a trip to the grocery store, as he currently has none of those items.

So, I've been foiled in my surprise frugality attempt *sigh* The milk will probably make it to the garbage can before I can get my hands on those ingredients.

Next time though, I'll come prepared.


Obsessive Compulsive Daniela said...

It could be worse - my BF drank a cup of cream thinking it was past due milk. He thought it was off as he drank it but he finished it anyway, and didn't realize it was cream until his mom told him the next day. I don't know what's worse, the fact that he drank it while thinking it was expired, or the fact that he didn't realize he was actually drinking cream.

Cassie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Oh man, I don't know which is worse on that spectrum either! That's funny.

The Asian Pear said...

My guy is like that too. He'll chuck everything and anything that's expired... Even if it has NOT gone bad yet. It's very irritating.