Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Side Hustle Semi-fail

My distinct lack of a side hustle has been sticking out to me like a sore thumb the last couple of weeks, so I decided I should do something about it. The easiest one, though not necessarily the best paying, was filling out surveys online.

I decided to check out sites that others had already been to, and had been paid from, so I knew I wasn't dealing with a scam. After checking out the sites (not all allow Canadians), I signed up for two: Toluna and Survey Head.

I realize that the earnings are quite slow on these, but that's not the part that's bugging me. It's the surveys themselves. There have been a a number of times where I click on a survey, only to be told that their quota had been filled. I understand that happens, but it has happened to me back to back a couple times. Grrr.

The other part, which I've run into several more times, is that it takes an awful long time for them to figure out that you're not part of their targeted demographic. I've been 10 minutes into a survey only to be told "nope, you're not who we're looking for". There is no compensation when this happens.

Maybe I'm just frustrated with my general money situation right now, but I've logged a couple hours doing this, and I've made less than $10. I can't even have it paid out until at least $25. This is quite possibly the only time I've been frustrated by the high Canadian dollar. The survey compensation is in American dollars, so for every $1 survey you do, you get 90 some-odd cents towards your cash out total.

Has anyone else encountered this? What do you do as a side hustle?


Morgaine said...

I do online surveys too and it takes a looooooong time to get anything!

However, I do recommend the following: Global Test Market, Opionion Outpost, and Web Perspectives. I find I get at least 1-2 surveys a day with them and while you won't qualify for all of them, at least they give you more options.

Good luck!

Kimberly said...

I used to evaluate websites through usertesting.com to help with cash. It paid pretty decent money - you earn $10 per test. It downloads some light software (light as in it didn't crash my little bitty netbook), and you need a mic. This is the only legitimate site I've found - surveys always frustrated me, especially when you can only use their points instead of being sent cash. Usertesting pays via paypal, which I liked since I was leery about sending bank account info to some random website.

Out My window said...

Get a night time cleaning job. Clean a doctors office,or a bank. It will take you an hour or less. Steady money and easy!

Cassie said...

@Morgaine and Kimberly - I'll have to check those out. I have an old Toshiba Satellite I could use for the usertesting site, I don't want sites downloading programs onto my current computer.

@Out My Window - How much does that typically pay? I believe I can make $75 a week before it cuts into my EI payments.