Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nickel and Diming

My last stick of antiperspirant bit the bullet today and disintegrated as I pulled the lid off. The drug store near my office didn't open until after I had to be at work. *sigh* Ah well, I made it through the morning without doing too much strenuous activity, so I was reasonably stink free until I could make a lunch time dash. (It's a chilly fall day, I can do that)

The cost of toiletries boggles my mind some days. A 4-pack of razor cartridges at this particular store were going for $12.50....on sale. With the way the price of hair removal is going I'm surprised there isn't a stronger revolt against the concept of being bleached, scraped, threaded, waxed and tweezed within an inch of recognition. Thankfully, I wasn't picking up razors today.

I was quite happy to discover that my usual brand of antiperspirant was on sale 50% off. Yay! After a brief consideration as to whether I should stock up or conserve the extra money, I bit the bullet and spent the $5 for a couple more sticks. Go big spender. Then I wandered down the aisle to check out the sale on feminine products. Not as good a sale, but I figured I should probably replenish the stocks.

It was a quick jaunt out to the store, so I didn't think to grab my bag. "Would you like a bag? They're 5 cents". I declined the bag. Even though I'm a bit of a hippy and I'm definitely fine with the idea of them being banned, I'm still not okay with the concept of paying for them. It just feels like another cash grab. That's MY nickel. If only I felt the same about products being marketed to me. Penny-wise, pound-foolish.

So instead, I filled my pockets with antiperspirant and tucked the box of tampons under my arm, and then proceeded to walk down one of the busiest streets in the city during lunch hour. If I got any weird looks, I sure didn't notice.

And I still have my nickel :)

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