Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love the feeling of money in my account. It's right up there with paying down my beast of a debt that I've accumulated. Today I got both :) Shortly after checking to see that my paycheck had been deposited, I put almost $500 onto my debts, and $250 towards my upcoming utility bills. I never pay my utility bills when they come in, they're always paid in advance. By the time I get the actual bill, it almost always says they owe me money. I don't mind that. It means that if I have a legitimate emergency I can forego paying my bills for a month and nobody gets pissed at me for it.

I am being a little bad however... I'm drinking Starbucks as I write this. Or, as my dad calls it: Fivebucks. He's not far off, my Grande Chai latte set me back almost $4.50. At least today they gave me a survey slip. That means the next one is on them :D I love that.

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