Monday, November 1, 2010

End of Month Sobriety Test

Am I drunk? Nope. But I kind of wish I was seeing as I'm looking at this.

Chequing$116.66 $110.04
Savings 1$0.24 $0.26
Savings 2$100.00 $0.89
Savings 3$500.00 $70.07
Investment$2,189.67 $800.24
TFSA$0.00 $2,235.01
RRSP 1$1,525.96 $1,558.50
RRSP 2$3,868.08 $4,009.75
ASSETS$8,300.61 $8,784.76
Car Loan($13,138.27)($10,629.89)
Credit Card($5,155.65)($5,591.72)
Net Worth($19,993.31)($18,256.85)

It isn't the worst month I've had. That distinction goes to the month of June this year. Both the assets and debts moved in the right direction this month, I just thought I had made a lot more progress than I apparently did. I think next month's goal is to get my credit card balance down below where it was back in March.

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