Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I blew my budget. By just over $20. I did put $150 onto my debts last pay period, but I’m still miffed about it. The bank fee I thought was going to be coming out just after I got my paycheck I realized may actually come out the day before. The date seems to move in my statements without any weekend interference, so I’m not entirely sure what day it is. I’m still waiting to hear back from work about when I can expense my university application fee. I’d like that sucker gone off my credit card soon.

On a positive note my gas bill credit has been built up to twice what my last bill actually cost. I may forgo paying that bill this pay period in favour of replacing some of my rapidly expiring makeup. It seems frivolous, yes, but I work in an office and I’ll never get my skin back under control if I continue using expired makeup on it. Given how much money I’ve spent on battling acne in the last 2 years, it’s a reasonable expense.

Halloween was on Sunday, and if your stores are anything like ours the Christmas decorations started popping up a couple weeks ago. May as well start planning now, no? In the next two months I have Christmas as well as both my parent’s birthdays pulling at my purse strings. Mom’s birthday gift, as well as all of my wrapping supplies, are coming off this pay check. I still have a bunch of wrapping paper left over from Costco 6 years ago (best buy ever!) and IKEA 2 years ago (also not too shabby), as well as ribbon and tape. Trouble is I’m giving baking/homemade candies as gifts this year. I did a little reconnaissance mission yesterday to get box and cellophane prices. I’ll be tackling my gift list tonight so I don’t end up buying too much. Can I do Christmas debt free this year? My fingers are crossed.

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