Thursday, November 4, 2010

Relief and Rant

Pay day

I really do look forward to when this biweekly day passes me by without me even blinking. This period's budget does look doable however, which is a bonus.

I spent about $15 eating out last pay period. Not brutal by any means, but the goal was $0. Thankfully, or not thankfully depending on how you look at it, one of the coffee shops I used to frequent put me off of their establishment pretty much for good.

During university (my even more fiscally irresponsible years) I used to stop into this shop for a skim London Fog and a breakfast sandwich frequently on my way to class in the mornings. It was good stuff. The drink was a nice warm perk on those brisk mornings, and the sandwiches were quite good. Eggs, bacon, thick slices of tomato and cheddar cheese on multigrain flat bread grilled like a panini until crunchy. I loved them. Years later imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that one street over from my place of work was another one of these establishments. I ordered a sandwich and took it to the office with me, only to find that it was actually kinda soggy from not being grilled long enough, and they'd started putting mayo on them. It was kind of underwhelming, but I'd still go back every once in a while when it was cold to get a hot breakfast.

Last time I went I was appalled. I ordered the sandwich and took it back to the office, only to find that not only was it soggy and mayo laden, but the tomato had all but disappeared and the tangy cheddar had been swapped out with processed cheese. WTF? You advertise yourself as being a healthy and wholesome establishment? It was terrible. I would have prefered a McDonalds breakfast sandwich to it, at least then I know I'm getting fast food and I'm only going to pay 1/3 the price for it.

This will help me work on paying off my debts just that little bit faster, so I don't feel so bad saying it. Good Earth, you lost a faithful customer due to your corner cutting, and I'm disappointed in you. Good-bye

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