Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Cornucopia of Things to Be Thankful For

Sometimes I get so wound up and frustrated about things going on in my life (such as the mountain of debt I’m paying off) that I forget to step back and look at all of the positive aspects of my life. So today is all about positivity. Feel free to add your own positives to the comments section, this is a slice of things I’m thankful for:

  • I don’t live in a war zone
  • I have access to an abundance of healthy food, and I can afford to buy it
  • I live in a safe neighbourhood
  • The water that comes out of my tap is safe to drink
  • My government pays for much of my medical costs
  • I don’t live in fear
  • My family is alive, healthy, and doing well
  • I have friends who are also alive, healthy, and doing well
  • I have a home, and it isn’t in arrears
  • I’m employed
  • My employer provides some traditional benefits: life insurance, prescription coverage, RRSP contribution matching…
  • My employer also provides some non-traditional benefits: fresh fruit in the mornings, free gym passes, public transit discounts…
  • I had the opportunity to be educated
  • I jumped at the aforementioned opportunity
  • I’m being provided with the opportunity for further education
  • I have disposable income
  • My needs are being met
Life is quite good, and I know my financial issues are of my own making. I’m happy to have to opportunity to learn from this, and to work my way out of it.

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