Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking a page from the Chinese


I rather enjoyed reading this article this morning. A lot of it I already know, just don't necessarily put into practice. I quite enjoyed the idea of listing the wants and having a "beauty pageant" to decide which, if any, get purchased. I also quite enjoy the fact that there is an oriental supermarket that, while not cheap by oriental supermarket standards, is quite cheap compared to the closest one to my house. Positive point, it's on one of my bus routes home. Negative point, it's inside the biggest shopping mecca in Canada. Hmmm.

The tea that I broke my credit card goal with finally came in. Thankfully they are nice large tins, so they ended up being a little cheaper than my usual tea, even after the exchange rate and shipping costs are factored in.

I'm doing a little better than last pay day's budget blowing. Hopefully I can keep it up when my boyfriend gets home and in the days leading up to Christmas....

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