Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ode to the Sugarbowl

This is my favourite breakfast spot. Quite frankly it has been since I was introduced to it 4 years ago by my then/usual/current dining companion. It’s been an institution in this area since the 1940’s. Originally a burger and fries type joint, it was converted to a Belgian style cafe in the 80’s. I can’t attest to the accuracy of the “Belgian style”, but I can promise they have an assortment of tasty Belgian beer.
 In the late spring, summer and early fall the front garage door style walls open up to allow fresh air into the interior of the restaurant, while the patio opens for patrons to sit outside. Seeing as it’s minus-freaking-cold outside, we sat inside where it’s a cozy little restaurant during the winter. There is an ever rotating selection of local art on the walls that you can usually buy, and if I’m not mistaken they hold live music nights as well. I’m kicking myself for not inquiring about some of the photographs they’ve had up in the past. They had a beautiful photograph of an arctic fox on the tundra a little while back that I would have liked to have at home.
Om Nom Nom
They do a good job of syncing with the community. It’s in Garneau, one of the older areas of Edmonton on the south side of the river. It’s somewhere that has equal appeal to older locals who have lived in the area for decades, and the ever rotating student population that filters through here. Some of us stick around, though the area is far too expensive to buy in, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s understandable, almost everyone who has lived in the area wishes they could stay. Instead we make the drive in the mornings on the weekends.
If you don’t get here before about 9:30, you’re going to be waiting for a table. Most people have discovered it’s worth the wait, as there is typically a line up out the door, especially during the summer. Why? You see that cinnamon bun, the one about the size of my friend’s head? It costs $3.50. Perfect student food! Most people can’t finish one in a sitting. I don’t know if I’m proud or ashamed to say that I can, lol. They’re made fresh every morning, and they’re still warm if you get there early enough.They’re extremely popular, and are frequently sold out by 10:30 when school is in. A cinnamon bun, a cup of tea (same kind they use at Starbucks), tax and tip comes to $7. You are FULL afterwards. I love this place.
That right there is my ode to the Sugarbowl. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods you should check it out. We’ll probably be there ;)

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