Saturday, January 15, 2011

Technology Hates Me

There comes a point where sometimes you realize you're being too cheap. Either that time is now, or technology in general has decided it hates me and is now ganging up on me.

I had the internet set up at home, then I had a roommate who had paid for his internet up front at his old place move in. Since I was paying month to month and he still had several months left on his account which he had already paid for, we switched the internet over to his. When he moved out, I decided I could get by without the internet at home, seeing as I could check my e-mail on my phone, and I could look at things online during my lunch hour at work. It worked reasonably well; the only time I ran into issues is when I wanted to put pictures in my blog posts, and those pictures were sitting on my computer at home. A little pre-planning and a USB key could probably fix that, but instead I contented myself with not using pictures.

My phone started having problems :(

So, I took it into the Apple store to get it fixed. They gave me directions on how to fix the issue, and I went on my merry little way. I had every intention of posting today, so I grabbed my laptop and headed over to the Starbucks near my house. Free WiFi and 1/2 price chai? Sign me up! I paid for the chai and settled in for a little blogging when a login screen popped up. Wtf? I asked the barista about it, and apparently their WiFi was down. If I had known that I would have stayed home rather than paying for a drink. *grumble*

But, seeing as I had a drink beside me and a comfy place to set up my computer, I figured I'd fix my phone. I connected my phone to iTunes, synced it, pressed the sequence of buttons as I had been told to do earlier. The phone shuts down, does everything it's supposed to do... then can't find iTunes. Huh? Check the connections, everything looks fine, then the phone crashes. Crap.

All I wanted to do was write a blog post!

So now I'm sitting in the Apple store again, using their free WiFi, while my phone is being restored to its factory settings. Apparently iTunes had to be connected to the internet in order to fix the problem? Nobody told me. It's been several hours since this started, I'm hoping I didn't lost too much.

Did I mention this could have been avoided if I had just set up the internet at home? For about $30 a month? Yeah, time to stop being cheap. I'll call them tomorrow.


FB @ said...

Just pay for the 'net.

I tried for a month without the internet at home and I DIED walking up and down this HUGE hill to get to the mall with free wifi that doesn't even have plugs for your laptop, so I had half an hour or less LOL

Cassie said...

Lol, at least the hill was free exercise? I'd be ticked right off if my laptop battery only lasted half an hour, thankfully Starbucks did have a place for me to plug mine in.

Time to call them.