Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Employment Uneasiness

So apparently someone at work doesn't like me.

That was news to me, especially seeing as I get along with everyone. No one acts even remotely off towards me at work. But, they're there.

And they're after my job.

I very rarely work with this person directly, it's more like we work on the same floor and some aspects of our jobs overlap on occasion. They're higher up the chain too. Most of my interaction with them involves seemingly pleasant lunchroom conversation about what we're making for dinner tonight and what our weekend plans are. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Behind closed doors though, they're arguing for my dismissal. Until about 8am yesterday morning, my head was on the chopping block for a round of layoffs for corporate restructuring. The higher ups that I do work for directly argued on my behalf and managed to get me taken off the list. I found this out from my manager at lunch time. Can you say blindsided? I asked if there was a problem with my work, if I had done something to piss them off, what I could have done differently.... nothing. There wasn't even any way for me to have seen this coming, because it's happening at a much higher level that I don't get to see. It would have literally have been good one day, gone the next.

Gee, think I feel secure right now?

It's sneaky and underhanded, and apparently this isn't the first time this person has done this. If they like you, it doesn't matter how poor your work is they'll argue for you to stay. If they decide they don't like you, they'll try to get rid of you. It's very political, and you'll see from the about me on the side that I hate politics.


They've been trying to do it to do the same thing to another person at work, based on her appearance. She works in a creative field, and her appearance reflects that. It doesn't fly with Mr. Not-Our-Direct-Manager though, and it doesn't matter that her work is freaking awesome, she was on the list too.

But I still don't know why they has a problem with me.


I hate pettiness...

But anyway, it's making me rethink my debt repayment schedule again. Right now my plan was to hit my credit card hard, and knock the debts off one by one by the highest interest rate before I moved on to anything else. Now I'm thinking I should consider bulking up my emergency savings. I currently have about a month and a half worth of savings in investment form, which might not be enough if I didn't find a job right away. Our job market is improving, but I really don't want to be banking on that.

What would you guys do in this situation? Would you keep attacking the debts, build up the savings cushion, or both? And if savings, how much? I could use a little clarity in a bit of a stressful time.


Finally Frugal said...

Hey Cassie! I experienced something like this in a previous job, and I can tell you it made me miserable. Like your experience, this was someone who didn't have the decency to communicate with me face-to-face, but rather went around talking behind my back. It was the single worst employment experience of my life!

If I were in this situation, I would start packing the $$$ into the emergency fund, just in case. It will make you feel more secure; in my case, I was so freaked out about not being able to pay my mortgage, etc, if I lost my job that my work ethic really did begin to decline.

If it turns out that this toxic individual gets laid off instead of you then you can always pile that emergency fund $$$ back into your debt repayment.

Best of luck, and don't let the situation make you question your own abilities! There are some crazy people out there. . .

Louise said...

must be the week for workplace stress I think!
I would just pay the minimums on the credit cards and get the emergency fund up to 3 months savings.

DH & I have had survived a few sudden job losses and savings, or being ahead on your mortgage/rent will really help if you do get laid off so start paying a bit extra on the mortgage each month, even $10-$20 makes a difference.

I'd be super frugal for the next few months and build up a stockpile of food staples.

Then when you've built up a 3 month buffer go back to debt reduction

It's really stressful when people behave like this! take care of your health and "don't let the bast**ds get you down!"

babybluewater said...

I just found your blog today and I'm enjoying reading it. My advice is to add more to your savings. Just in case... Good luck!

target10mil said...

Good luck with everything. I've been in similar situations and it is not fun and very stressful and can make you hate your job. Best of luck with everything.

I recommend that you put a hold on debt reduction and build up a 6 month emergency savings. Three months is a very short time period to find a new job in IMO. Six months is much more likely and gives you some breathing room.

It sucks since while saving up, the interest will be compounding... but that is much better than you find yourself jobless and out of money...

Good luck!

FB @ said...

Maybe they thought you were naive and easy to fire to free up room in the budget somewhere else or for some other reason.

This may not be a personal thing and could just be that they're under pressure to make more money by cutting the budget or something like that.

Or it could be personal.

How awful for you! Save as much as you can just in case. I'm glad your management is backing you.

Cassie said...

Thanks everyone :) I really appreciate it.

It's also pleasantly surprising that everyone has the same advice. I'll mull it over the next day or two and make a hard decision on what to move forward with.