Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grappling With Groupon

I think I'm going to cancel my Groupon account.

It's not really a problem with Groupon persay. Well, it is and it isn't.

I thought it was for coupons, not discounted gift certificates. The name is a little misleading.

Every day a new promotion is delivered to my inbox, tempting me with the siren song of heavily discounted wares. 50% off event tickets. 67% off spa services. Marked down dinners out, clothing and hair care. Everything I would spend money on, if only I had it.

Today's Groupon was my final straw. 50% off my favourite Indian restaurant. Only $15. It's just $15, that's not such a big deal, that doesn't hurt. Oh, but what about that spa package that's only $40, that's such a steal, I really should get that too. And on, and on... Next thing you know my debt payments aren't digging me out nearly as fast as they should be. Bugger.

If it was a coupon, it could sit in my envelope, patiently waiting until the cash reserves build up enough that I could use it. Instead, it's a limited time offer, like a sale sign in a store window screaming "BUY ME NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!"

If I avoid the mall to get away from shopping temptations, why should I be allowing it in my inbox? At least at the mall I get to stretch my legs.

But anyway, Ta Ta for now Groupon. See you when I have money.


The Asian Pear said...

I actually love Groupon but I've only bought one thing from them actually.

I think part of the thing with being registered to the sites is not buying because it's a GREAT deal but whether or not you'll really use it. (Which can be preety tough in itself.)

Cassie said...

I can definitely see the merit in the service they offer, its just in my position right now I don't have money to be spending on the deals. I'll probably sign back up for the e-mails again, it's just I really need to be avoiding the temptation right now.