Sunday, April 24, 2011


My medical benefits from work expired Friday.

So why am I not surprised that Saturday I come down with something?

I think I'm going on sinus infection round 2 - spring allergy edition.


I'm going to head down to the health food store tomorrow morning to inquire about a neti pot. As much as I *love* the idea of pouring water into my sinus cavities, they're apparently quite good for reducing allergies and sinus infections. If it prevents even one, it'll pay for itself.

Heck, if it gets me through this one it'll pay for itself. I'll keep you posted.

Has anyone tried using one before?


Obsessive Compulsive Daniela said...

I haven't personally, but my mom has, and she swears by it. She uses it every day in the shower. She used to get a lot of sinus headaches too, and while she does still get them from time to time, she definitely doesn't get them as frequently.

I think she also uses salt with the water - I believe that when you buy the pot it will come with some sort of special powder to mix with the water, but once that runs out, salt should be okay. Google it, anyway.

banclothing said...

As gross as it sounds it really helps especially during the continuous runny nose phase.. I didn't go out and buy the pot though. I just used a water bottle with salt water... for the amount that I use it I didn't want to invest in a pot.

Anonymous said...

I've never used one (I'm more of a humidifier person myself), but my Dad uses one and swears by it. The trick is apparently to get the technique right, or so I've been told.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried using it myself, but I've heard good things! Hope you get better soon :)

Cassie said...

@Obsessive Compulsive Daniela - I've heard that about the salt water. It's like gargling, only for your nose, lol.

@banclothing - any tips technique wise?

@centsofacountrygirl - I've got one of those furnace humidifiers, but I don't think it does jack squat. I'll probably have to invest in a room one this winter.

@fabulouslyfrugirl - Thanks :) I appreciate it.