Monday, April 25, 2011

Chugging Along

Well, despite the fact that I feel more or less like crap, it was actually a pretty productive day.

I paid my bills... and I'm longing for when I can either watch my savings balance grow or debt balance shrink again.

I got the front lawn raked with the help of a friend (thanks again), then mixed the old lawn clippings into the strip of soil I'm working along my sidewalk (for putting edible plants in). I pruned the bushes in front of the house back into shape, drove some fertilizer spikes into the ground, and then hacked back everything at the base of my tree.

There is a noticeable height difference between my tree and every other one on the block. You can tell it was severely neglected before I bought the place.

I figured I could probably use a boost of vitamin C, and decided the best way to do that OBVIOUSLY was to bake lemon squares. You'll have to accept my fuzzy logic on that one. I had purchased all of the ingredients for a bake sale at the company I worked for before being turfed... they're aaaaaaaaall mine now ;)

I've been cleaning and polishing up my winter boots to be packed away for winter. I know we'll probably get another good dump of snow in May, but until then I'd like to get this out of the way. I'd like to be working again before then anyway.

Speaking of work, I've been kinda quiet on the job hunt so far. I'll continue to be pretty mum on the details until I actually have something in writing somewhere. In general terms so far I have a company up north that has expressed some interest, a company in town that called and requested I send them my resume (which I met casually last week), and another place that knows I'll be calling tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

For now I'm just keep my eyes/ears open. Here's hoping I'll have something noteworthy soon.


Louise said...

thats good that you already have a few irons in the fire with the job. good luck!

banclothing said...

Looks like your well on your way with the job search; way to go!

Rubee said...

Oooh, those jobs sound promising! Hopefully things are going to start looking up! All the best!!

Morgaine said...

Good Luck! :)