Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Link Love - April 26, 2011

Because links need love too ;)

A girl after my own heart; eemusings started her post out with a tease of cheese, but sadly ended it with the news that T's bike was stolen :( Any readers in New Zealand, if you see the bike, please e-mail her.

Congratulations Krystal on buying your first home in the greater Vancouver area! That's a huge accomplishment, especially on one income.

Daniela talks about how she got into debt, how she got out of it, and how much money she spent on clothes during that timeframe.

Judy looks at how prices and lifestyles have changed in the 65 years since her grandfather originally bought the house she now owns.

Serena reminds us of the absolute wealth we have and take for granted with a series of photos on what some families in China own. I feel like a hoarder.

And finally for some compounded link love: Marianne from the Money Rabbit, Serena from Fabulously Broke (and the aforementioned Everyday Minimalist) and Clare from Young and Thrifty got some print time in the Financial Post article: Young  Bloggers Look To Spark Fin Lit Passion. Congratulations ladies :)

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