Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Confident?

Do you ever feel like your confidence isn't really there? Like that "I can do it!" spark is missing in action?

I know I do.

I had 2 job interviews last week, and I have another one at 2pm today. Any of the positions I'm interviewing for would be a great job. One is in construction, one is in oil and gas, and one is in manufacturing. They're all a little different from each other, but all connected to my educational background. They would all would be quite interesting as well. While I should be walking into these with the confident strut of someone who KNOWS they can do they job, which I can, I find that my personal air cushion is distinctly lacking. Like I have a pin hole in my ego. I feel like I come across fake, which is frustrating for me because I've never had this problem before. What's troubling, is that I'm not entirely sure why I'm wavering. Is it because I'm still hung up on my experiences at my previous employer? Or is it because moving forward I'm having a hard time picturing myself in my current career path? Is that because of my recent experiences? I don't know.

How am I supposed to walk into an interview and try to sell myself to a prospective employer, when I haven't even sold myself to me?

I've got just under 3 hours to psych myself up and become the best sales person I can be. The company wants my product, they just don't know it yet. Its time they knew it.

All else fails, does anyone want to "help" me in my interview like the one in this video? If so let me know, because I'm completely down for it!


Ven said...

The Pepsi Max commercial's alright, but the original sequence from Fight Club is more thrilling when Edward Norton extracts severance benefits from his boss. Watch from 3:22 in this video:


Cassie said...

Lol, you're right. I had forgotten about that scene!

Lindy Mint said...

Ugh, interviewing is hard. I felt the same way about feeling fake and talking about my accomplishments. It's just such an unnatural social circumstance.

Maybe try to think of it as two people meeting to discuss a business deal. That way it's less about you and more about the "merger." Good luck!

Cassie said...

Agreed. I like your idea of looking at it as a business merger. It takes some of the "why do you think we should hire you over everyone else" pressure off.