Monday, May 23, 2011

Holiday Weekend Link Love

There were some great posts around the blogosphere lately, I wish I could post them all! These were my highlights this week:

Money Rabbit finishes her 5k in under 30 minutes! Congratulations girl :)

Krystal shows us how she plans on demolishing her mortgage. I wish I was in a better place financially, our mortgages are almost identical and I think we could race ;)

Fabulously Frugirl shows how a free car isn't exactly free.

Cents of a Country Girl breaks down the cost of farming an acre of soy. It's not glamourous work, but someone has to do it. Thank you ACG for doing it!

Morgaine ends her biweekly budget in the black! W00T little successes!

J$ write about more clever ways to save money. Lots of good ideas in the comments section too!

Paying Myself posted a video of a little girl with right idea. Everyone should spend more time doing what this little girl is doing!

Sandy at Yes I Am Cheap finally got rid of her tenant from hell!

SheBloggs had a bunch of great posts this week, but her one on starting a business was my favourite. Point #1 is especially important!

Echo wrote a post on selecting a dividend growth stock that I'll be revisiting again when I have some money to invest!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my post! :)

Going to check out that dividend stock article now.

Morgaine said...

Thanks for the shout out. Unfortunately, its looking rather grim for my next update :(

Cassie said...

@fabulouslyfrugirl - No problem! I enjoyed it :)

@morgaine - just keep trying, I'm sure you'll have more weeks in the black soon :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love! Greatly appreciated :D We're hoping to get the soybeans planted soon. Fingers crossed for a nice day.

Cassie said...

Not a problem! Good luck with the soybeans :)