Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is It A Warehouse?

So, I'm a little curious, at what point did we decide that we wanted our stores to become malls?

The store I'm talking about, unsurprisingly, is Wal-Mart.

Though at this point I think I'm going to start calling it Mall-Mart.

When I walked in to pick up some poster board yesterday, I noted the fact that the clothing section was right beside the produce section. While I'm sure you can get some great deals in there, it just feels... wrong.

On the way out of the store I passed the nail boutique and shook my head. When on earth did that happen? And why?

Just off the top of my head, the Wal-Mart I went to contained:

  1. A bakery
  2. A produce section
  3. A grocery section
  4. A frozen goods section
  5. A clothing section
  6. A shoe section
  7. An office supply section
  8. A pet section
  9. A pharmacy
  10. An automotive section
  11. A green house section
  12. A sporting goods section
  13. A makeup section
  14. A sewing section
  15. A kitchen goods section
  16. A furniture section
  17. An electronics section
  18. A photographer
  19. A nail boutique
  20. A hair salon
  21. A McDonalds
  22. And more that I haven't mentioned...

That's not a store. That's a mall.



krystalatwork said...

Convenience! I do all of my shopping at Real Canadian Superstore, which is pretty much like Wal-Mart. Find it soooo convenient to be able to get my car insurance taken care of, do my banking, buy personal care items, household goods, the latest DVD, and my grocery shopping all under the same roof. LOVE IT because I just don't have the time or patience to go to a mall and go to multiple stores when I just need to go to this one!

Cassie said...

I find it interesting that you say convenience. Maybe its just the area I'm in, but it seems like the mega stores are always understaffed, so I end up spending easily 20 minutes just waiting in line at a till. That and I find it takes me for ever to find anything at a lot of the stores (I noted walking through this one that the aisles we oriented in such a way that it forced you to walk through the store to look for stuff).

Maybe they become more convenient over time when you get to know the layout?

banclothing said...

I used to go to walmart for things I needed to pick up I couldn't get at the grocery store. I moved a couple years ago and realize I have only been to walmart a handfull of times... why the switch? I guess walmart was conveniently located where I used to live and now I would much rather pick stuff up at shoppers or canadian tire because they are way closer. I also hate the feeling of walmart...there are always a million people, it's grungy, and takes too long to checkout. The only blessing for me was in university it was open 24hrs and basically the only place I could pick up anything because I always got home SO late.

Anonymous said...

They are malls! And I spend money in malls, so I avoid them. So that goes for mega stores, too. Luckily the shoes suck, so at least I can stay away from that section.

FB @ said...

It's the point -- to be a one stop shop.

There's an optometrist, doctor and dentist at one that I went to.

People can go to their appointments while the spouse shops for what they need.

Redgirl said...

That sounds like my little English town, except we don't have a McD's !

Albina N muro said...

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