Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Results Are In

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

No kidding.

The stuff I didn't think I'd be able to GIVE away sold almost immediately, while the stuff I figured would sell quickly didn't even get a once over.

The stuff that sold first?

  • Obsolete electronics without cords, software, etc...
  • A 10 year old discman with disintegrating headphones...
  • Electronics with damaged cords (told the buyer up front about it)...
  • Cheap messenger bags from 6-10 years ago...
  • Baseball caps I'd received from construction places as advertising...

The stuff that didn't even get a look over?

  • Barely worn Lululemon tops
  • A pair of barely worn Fidelity jeans
  • A bunch of Sophie Kinsella books in nearly mint condition

That surprised me to say the least. That being said, I was expecting more women to show up earlier in the morning, which didn't happen. Almost all of my sales before noon went to men in the 28-38 year old range. The things you learn.

All said and done the yard sale brought in $85.50. After the cost of setting up the sale ($1.93), it netted me a total of $83.57. Not bad for a bunch of stuff I had lying around and wasn't using.

Obviously not everything walked away today, and I have a bunch of stuff left over. The remaining stuff is being split between 3 places:
  • Odds and ends, bedding, too large clothing, etc... will be dropped off at the Goodwill donation centre on Monday.
  • The books will be dropped off at the Wee Book Inn in town. It's basically book consignment, and you get paid in store credit. Instead of buying new books (guilty habit/pleasure), I can get "new" ones here.
  • The clothing that needs some tweaking will be put in the "mend" pile. The ones that require a little more skill than I have will go into a "tailor" pile for when I'm employed again.
All in all, I'm pleased with the results. I probably would have gotten a lot more people if it wasn't for the fact that it was so windy out today. Oh well. The proceeds are going to be deposited in my bank account. The longer I can go without touching my emergency fund the better!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome :)

Congrats on your first yard sale.

I can't believe that the Lululemon tops weren't picked up! If I was in your neighborhood, that would be at the top of my list!

banclothing said...

Very resourcesful and smart way to raise money. It is interesting your lululemon didn't go. I would try selling that on kijihji because I figure it's something people will specifically search for.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Sounds like your yard sale was a success. It's always surprising what sells and what doesn't 'eh?

Cassie said...

It was surprising! I'll post the lulu on kijiji soon. If it doesn't sell quickly, I'll post it on e-bay.