Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Nibble At The Line

After what has basically been a quiet month on the employment front, I got two calls yesterday for interview this week.

If I was Charlie Sheen, I'd say I was bi-winning right there.

I was quite happy yesterday. One is a company that I know treats their employees quite well, and the other one was for a position my experience is almost a perfect fit for. This is fine and dandy.

But I found something kind of strange. The second company that called me left a message on my phone at 2:26 in the afternoon yesterday. I got it and replied shortly after 3pm to set up the (phone) interview for today. When I checked my e-mail this morning, there was a message from the company's senior recruiter sent at 2:25 yesterday (how did I miss that?) saying that while my skills were impressive they would be interviewing other candidates who more closely match their needs.


I called the company to ask for clarification as to whether or not I did in fact have an interview this afternoon. Turns out I do, they were responding to two different job positions! *facepalm* Why one person called from Edmonton, Alberta and one e-mailed from Chesterfield, Missouri, I don't know. One would think centralized HR would be handy in the hiring department. Daisy, do you know why it's done this way?

Anyway, I have an interview to prep for. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a fool of myself there :s


banclothing said...

Congrats!!! Any opportunity to have an interview is great even if it doesn't result in employment. It's all good practice in being able to sell yourself. Think about it as an opportunity and don't stress about it. People who are chill always do better at interviews.

Louise said...

bi-winning LOL!
good luck with the interview!

Cassie said...

Thanks :)

The first one is a phone interview, which is kind of nice. It lets me focus on just answering the questions so that tomorrow I can breath a little easier on the questions and focus on poise.

Morgaine said...

Good Luck! I have my fingers crossed :)